Need dynasty trade advice

I’m in a dynasty league for the first time, and we had our draft last night. I think I did pretty good, except I took a risk near the turn of the first round that we allowed veterans to be taken. The result is that my WR corps is a bit weaker than I would like. One of my league mates had to let his team be autodrafted and he ended a bit weak at RB. He’s open to trading with me. We are proposing a 2 for 2 trade; I get a better WR and give him a better RB, while I get a depth RB and he gets a depth WR. But who to fill in those gaps. My top RB’s are Chubb, JK Dobbins, Melvin Gordon, Ronald Jones and Tony Pollard. I want to give him RoJo, but would consider Gordon - for the right price. For a receiver, I would give him either Van Jefferson or Bryan Edwards. In return, I want a depth RB (I have my eye on Justice Hill) and a good WR; of which I am eyeing three of them; Tyler Boyd, Henry Ruggs and Denzel Mims. I’d like Boyd, but I may have to give up Gordon to do it. I could make an offer like RoJo and Edwards for Boyd and Hill, but would that be asking too much? And what if he counters? Any thoughts?

This is a really hard thing to put together without knowing starting line ups, roster make up, etc etc.

If I assume it’s starting 2 RB’s, you shouldn’t trade Chubb or Gordon unless you plan on doing a full rebuild. They are the only two you can start with confidence. In saying that, you won’t get any of your three WR targets for Rojo and Pollard, and I highly recommend hanging onto Dobbins.

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I agree pretty much with @morestagedives on his take.

Do not get rid of Chubb / Gordon / Dobbins unless you absolutely have to, and then I agree I would move Gordon.

Boyd is a known commodity and I think it would likely take Gordon to get him. He could help your team for sure. I am very high on Mims though. I think he is easier to get as he has not done anything and many think he is a risky prospect. You could lean into that idea.

While I am not up on Hill, it makes since with your Dobbins. And you are looking depth, so that is a role he fills with potential for upside.

Obviously start with RoJo in all offers, as moving him would not hurt you much. That said, I think if a trade ended in either of these fashions I’d be fine with it. I would do Gordon / Jefferson for Boyd / Hill OR I would try RoJo / Jefferson for Mims / Hill. I think both those are fair and could help you out. I do doubt you get Boyd for anything less than Gordon, but you never know.

Of your listed options, I would try to hold Edwards. I think he has some really strong potential in LV. It would not surprise me to see him ascend the depth chart quickly. Van I am not as high on. Routes are sharp but I’m not in love with anything else. I’d focus on moving him. Ruggs you will likely not get because I think the rookie hype it strong for him. That said, I see him as a much better NFL than FF player.

Just my thoughts, but I hope it helps and good luck!


Thank you guys for the input. In the end, this other guy really wanted to make a deal, so he offered DJ Moore and J. Hill for Gordon and Van Jefferson. I chose to take that deal. It puts me in a bit of a tenuous position for this season at RB, but I am working on another deal that will cost me my 3rd QB and Davante Parker to get David Johnson and another WR prospect; likely Gabe Davis.

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You made out like a bandit on that deal. Well done.

Maybe consider punting the season and tanking for high picks, building around Moore and a young group of WRs.