NEED EVERYONE'S week do locked seeds effect starts

Commish scheduled final week 17…i know bad.

I got pushed in Fantasy by coworkers and had not watched a NFL game in 10 years.

I am wayyyy behind the curveball on information but I am number 1 at 13-1

DO YOU REMEMBER how a team (like let’s say Steelers) who end up locked for their seed in playoffs, HOW DOES IT EFFECT whom they start, IF they lock their see early in week 15 or 16???

For example, I have Bell and Brown…does that mean I am in for a world of pain if they beat Patriots this weekend.

DO TEAMS typically stop playing their studs…

need some tips, I need to adjust now.

thanks brothers (or sisters)

It’s still a close race in the nfl this year. Teams will play hard to get a higher seed for home field advantage. But yes if winning week 17 means nothing for a team allready in the playoffs they will not risk injury. So your example of bell and brown. They would not play. try and pick up handcuffs or players from teams still fighting.

thanks man…

this might sound dumb but I have been super busy in life AND not watched the NFL at all until this year…10 year gap.

I cannot remember what goes down last weeks.

do handcuffs get lots of work…

let me see if I understand this correct.

Steelers beat Patriots…nothing left to play for this season (regular season)

bell ad brown don’t play???

do handcuffs get that much work ???

who would get the work if brown goes out???