Need Expert Advice - Dynasty Startup

I’m having to decide between Devin Singletary or Alexander Mattison. Can only keep one. It’s a 12 team .5 PPR. My other RBs are Saquon, Carson so I’m definitely keeping them.

Well as of right now, only Singletary has any real value. I think a lot of experts are fading him because they feel that Moss is going to take a lot of carries this year. They’re probably my right! But he’ll still have value and he’s still a starter in the NFL.

Cook is not out yet and still healthy.

I’m with RichmonDOC on this one! If Cook is out there’s the potential for a timeshare or Boone could even take that job. We just don’t really know. What we do know is both Boone and Mattison are really good so I’m definitely taking the sure thing in Singletary here.

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I was able to keep both of them as the Dynasty league rules became more finalized. In pick 9 of a 12 team .5 PPR I drafted Cee Dee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy my first two rounds. 4 rounds total. Not bad right?

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Help! 1/2 PPR Dynasty,12 team. Got offered CEH for my Lamar Jackson and Juju. I lost Saquon to injury. I have good WR depth: Woods, Lockett, Cee Dee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy. My other RBs are Chris Carson, Devin Singletary, Snell, Mattison, Chase Edmunds. Should I do the trade?

This is dynasty correct? in almost no circumstance can you trade Lamar Jackson. RB’s have a shelf life of a handful of years of max value, your QB could last you a decade or more. He’s 100% trying to take advantage of you and a completely lopsided trade, that’s a very good WR and a star QB for a single RB. If you lost Saquon and there isn’t any waiver options available, you may just have to chalk this year up for an L and aim for getting some RB depth in the rookie draft. Next year you could have Lamar, Saquon, and the next young rookie RB stud and be rolling

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Yes sir, this is a Dynasty League. It’s a start up so not sure yet if we would keep players for 12 years. Still trying to figure that part out. Thanks!

Hi Jtess, thanks again for your solid advice on not trading Lamar for CEH in my Dynasty league. CEH would have been regretful.

Another question if you don’t mind. Same Dynasty league. I’m thinking of offering Juju for Miles Sanders. It’s a risk cuz Sanders has that knee injury but I need the RB help. Juju is likely the 3rd WR for Steelers and there’s no guarantee he’ll stay on the team next year. My other WRs are Robert Woods (safe floor) and Lockett (high upside but lower floor). Lamb (great for next season). My RBs are Saquon (IR), Carson, Gaskin, Singletary, JK Dobbins and Mattison. I’m dropping Mattison to pickup a receiver.
The Miles Sanders owner is tilting since he has a bad record and has put Sanders on the trading block. Thoughts?

Yeah I think that’s a fine trade, if anything it’s a little bit in your favor. Jujus been on the decline since his rookie season and like you said, he seems to be dipping from the first option to the third. I just don’t think he can be the star reciever on a team, he needs someone else there to keep the top end heat off him.

The downside is that juju is super young, so he’ll likely be around for a long time. Sanders will be a great pickup but his injury history this year worries me, not sure if he’s going to be healthy come playoff time when you really need him. That, and after this year of being given the lead dog role only to be hurt all year may cause Pederson to either draft or aquire a complementary back to go with him in the backfield. Never in Pedersons career has he not had an RBBC, until this year and it turned around and bit him on the ass.

So basically value wise, I like it and could give you league winning upside this year, but your gambling both his health and his longevity. You won’t miss JuJu though

Rock solid advice, thank you sir! Greatly appreciated!