Need fast trade advice

Was just offered Keenan allen for Doug Martin…
Half PPR…

My RBs: Hunt, Howard, Martin, Lewis, TyMont
My WRs: DT, Jordy, trash, puke, diarrhea

I like the trade but i need an RB2 for Howard and Hunts byes weeks 9 and 10… Lewis is on bye week 9 and plays Denver week 10… i also have smallwood whos on bye week 10 and plays Denver week 9… do I just cross my fingers on TyMont being playable and take the trade? Or do I try to get Abdulla or Tevin Coleman out of him… by throwing in Lewis with martin who i know he wanted? Thoughts?

It’s a fair trade. However, WRs are easier to stream than RBs, if you look at it that way, where you want to keep Martin

I would do that. And also try to grab Abdullah.

I think I would probably take the trade. Who knows what Jordy will be like ROS. Allen is always good for a ton of targets. I think trying to get him to throw in an RB would be your best bet. Good luck!

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You like Abdulla over Coleman? I’m not sure which I’d prefer rest of season honestly… Abdualla is the starter in name only… he doesn’t get enough touches to be considered a “starting back” imo.

I wouldn’t usually. With Atlanta’s woes, I’m not sure about Coleman rest of season, he is a great handcuff if you have Freeman. Abdullah will have more volume, and he has. Though Abdullah hasn’t converted that volume always, he will though. The touches will be there.