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Need flex advice PPR please!


Going with Shady and M Gordon as RB1 and 2—Have D Martin–Mccaffrey–Kamara and Mixon on my bench-Who should I flex? I’m 5 and 1 in my 8 team league PPR-thanks!


Thoughts on this flex spot please???


Man I like Kamara. Especially in the matchup with GB. I think NO will get out ahead early in the game with Rodgers out and start making short passes and runs to burn the clock. Kamara is all about that kinda roll. My 2cents. Good luck.


I would probably play Kamara due to the match up. How many flex do you need? If I needed another I would go with either Martin or McCaffrey.


Got Brady Tyreke hill Keenan Allen M Gordon Shady J Graham M Bryant and Chiefs as my starters-one flex spot-getting garçon off waivers for sanders LONG injury and gonna drop j Reed for Seattle as he’s been terrible this year-no one wants to trade etc-I’m thinking Martin as my flex-??? full point PPR league-THOUGHTS? I can’t afford to wait on sanders as I will be in a pinch week 9 and don’t wanna drop KC defense as I have T Hill-Alex Smith is my backup-