Need FLEX HELP this week

Start Richard , Kirk or G.Allison??
Drake just threw 25 against me so might need a high floor

I think Richard has the highest floor but not sure a very high ceiling. I might lean Allison with the highest boom potential. Is he fully healthy is the big question. I just don’t like the AZ offense and Rosen.

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I’m starting Allison over Kirk, hopefully he has a big game this week.

I would lean Kirk for the upside play or Allison for a safer floor. I can just see Kirk having a good day against that SF pass defense with no Sherman. I’m sure Allision will get his though and given what the Rams will likely put on the packers it may be safer to get the number 2 for Rodgers who will likely need 350-400 yards and 3-4 TDs to have a shot this week

I think you need to decide if you need a high ceiling or high floor play…both Richard and Allison play in the afternoon games so you could wait and see how the early games go and see where your scores are at and who you each have left to play…if you’re falling behind, play Allison for the boom potential in a shootout with the Rams, if you’re ahead and in the drivers seat in the match up, take the floor with Richard; if the match up is tight, go with your gut, in that situation I would probably go Allison, but would be a gut decision last minute for me probably.
I have a similar situation pending for me in the flex to choose between Jordan Howard, Mark Ingram, and Geronimo. I’m playing a guy who’s got lots of fire power in his line up this week so I’m probably, not so confidently, going to play Geronimo and hope for a couple deep catches. But kind of depends on the condition of the Vikings defence come Sunday and I might lean Ingram…

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Thanks man appreciate it! Will likely start Allison if I’m down by 10 but will start Richard if down or up by 5