Need flex help, too many studs


So I’m projected to win by 20 points

As of right now I have

Hunt and Gordon at RB

OBJ and Devante Adams at receiver cause thielens on bye

And I’m torn on flex. I currently have Boyd there, but I’m nervous about how good he’ll be with a no. 1 corner on him ya know?

I also have Leonard Fournette, coming off the injury so idk how much hell be used. Jordan Howard, who has been good last three weeks but I’m nervous about Cohen. Nick Chubb, playing in Atl, but Duke ourscored him last week so idk if they hot hand it and give him more involvement.

Who would you guys flex outta Boyd, Fournette, Howard and Chubb??

You are stacked.

Throw a dart as all 4 of those will work.

Gun to my head I would take Howard for the match up.

I’d take Chubb

Lol right xD it’s a struggle bus of too many good choices with really nit picky burdens

Chubb has been highly spoken about by the OC each week (including last). He might lose a couple touches but I think he’s a pretty safe 8 pts at least with upside from TDs.

Jordan Howard is definitely a bigger boom or bust. Same upside as Chubb but way lower floor.

Don’t really know enough about fournette being healthy or not to have an opinion there. I do like tyler Boyd but as you mentioned his performance is kind of unknown w/o AJ

Yeah, I was thinking about Chubb he’s my next in line after Boyd who I’ll probably change out

I just wanna thank y’all for affirming my desire to flex Chubb and make me confident in it! Chubb has me 31 points right now lol Boyd has 4