Need Guidance for my Dynasty Squad

First of all, any help would be appreciated, I love getting different opinions. I am in a 12 team dynasty league with limited roster size compared to other dynasty leagues.

QB- Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson
RB- Lesean McCoy, Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, Chris Ivory, Chris Carson
WR- Mike Evans, Allen Robinson, Josh Gordon, Devante Parker, Marquise Lee, Desean Jackson, Geronimo Allison, Kevin White, Laquon Treadwell
TE- Rob Gronkowski, Trey Burton
Def- Jaxonville
K- Greg the leg

I need to know if I should stay put or find more rb help… who should I move?

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The Freeman and Coleman cuff is great. Somebody else brought that up on the forums today. Look at it for some good insight. Coleman will be a free agent next year and should be in a feature role. If you like that keep him, if not find someone who loves him toward the end of this year and look for rookies or younger guys at RB. Same goes for McCoy, I would trade him halfway thru this year to a guy looking to make a move for the Championship. Consider moving Lee and maybe Jackson or Parker as a package to get a first round pick or a young guy at RB. Lee looks like he will be the guy but he’s not. Drops balls and they drafted Chark for a reason, he’s going to be the guy. Lee’s value will diminish thru this year so get the most out of him now for that RB.


I do love the Atlanta backfield hand cuff situation. I believe in both guys to be RB 2s or better like they always are. My real hope is that the combination of my WRs and TEs will help make up for the difference in RB depth that I have. I need Lee to have one big week early and then unload him.

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I really like @kingedward43 take on this, and would add DJax to the potential all after a big game. I think Godwin will push for more importance this season.

I personally think Carson will be more of a player than folks think. He could be some sneaky value. Plus if they cut him (see: A Collins) he could flourish elsewhere.

I would also see if someone is buying the Robinson or Gordon hype. I like both, to be honest, but moving one could afford you some more depth and not crush your WR corp.

In the end, though, your roster looks good for this year and i would only move for upgrade. Not desperation.