Need help - 2 out of 3 WR’s

Which two do I start?

Will Fuller
Stefan Diggs
Michael Thomas

Thanks for any advice!

That’s tough. If it’s non PPR or half I would probably go with Diggs and Fuller. PPR and I might put Thomas in over Fuller.

But all three are good plays. Can you flex one of them and start all three?

I also have Metcalf and figured he was an automatic start. So one of these is my 2nd receiver and one I’ll use for Flex. Our league is non-PPR so I agree with Fuller. He has a better chance for a long ball than Thomas does with Hill at QB. He’ll catch more balls but that doesn’t necessarily help, especially if Denver’s secondary keys into their connection.

Thanks for the help!

Non-PPR, Diggs and Fuller. MT is still a good play as well.

MT will have the safer floor than Fuller, however Fuller will have the higher ceiling, imho.

True. Hoping Stafford and Watson get into a shootout today. And that Brandin Cooks sprains an ankle, haha.