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Need HELP ASAP from the Foot!


Good afternoon,

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to switch our 10 team league to an 8 team league! The group of 8 are all competitive and active. From what I have read around the Internet this format is one of the most despised, however, we are determined to make it work. We originally planned for the ballers preferred league rules and this will be a 3 keeper league. The start-up draft is only 3 days away and we need help figuring out what the best format for rosters would be for this one. Right now we have made a slight tweak and turned it into a 2qb league plus an extra regular flex. I am not sure how this will work but the bench is still the same at 5 spots plus 2 IR. If anyone could chime in a help or if anyone is in a similar situation you knowledge and help would be appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you guys! :grin: HELP If you need anymore information just let me know I will be checking back here diligently.



For a league that small, I would do something like
QB QB RB RB WR WR WR TE FLX FLX FLX still gives you the 72 skill positions that a normal league would play ( RB RB WR WR TE FLX in a 12 team league) Should still help with the depth that needs to be started each week. Myabe 1 less IR but hope that helps


Thanks for the input! I will pass this along to my league mates, would you have K and DST?


eh league preference. I don’t like either…I’d rather have IDP’s but I understand they are part of the game…if you do DST and K much easier to stream them. And would def draft for Week 1 matchup


Yeah I don’t like either of them but this is a big change for the league mates so we will just keep the K and DST this year. Maybe next year we will take a look at it. I really appreciate the help. It looks like everyone wants a 2qb, 2rb,2wr,2flex or 3flex. Whats your opinion on either of those? Thanks for the help, its really appreciated.


3 flex ups the challenge more so I would choose that. Have to go a little deeper into the skill position pool.


Thanks in regards to keepers would you change the keepers from 3 to 5? or maybe 4. The reasoning is that since we are increasing the number or starting positions from 7 to 10, wouldn’t it make sense to increase the number of keepers? Whats your opinion on this?


I still like the 3 keepers…still gives you a good draft pool


Thanks I really appreciate the help!


If you are going to start that many players you may want to increase the number of bench spots. This will make the draft and the waiver wire more challenging to navigate. I would say an additional 2 or 3 spots could work.


Yeah i have been thinking about this, i really appreciate the insight. I will run it across my leaguemates and see how they feel.