Need help asap! receiving a player for my qb

give up watson for tate


give up dak for thielen

or Watson for thielen

If it was me, I would do Watson for Tate. No expert analysis here, just my gut. Prescott seems more proven and Tate has the better QB and is past his bye week.

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I’m okay with each of those scenarios. I would prefer to give up Watson over Dak, and would (just by a hair) prefer to have Tate over Theilen.

I ended up doing watson and ju ju for McKinnon… Watson and ju ju’s scores have had me sick to my stomach. rate this trade for me, be honest… lol

I don’t think it’s the best trade, but it’s not because you gave up Watson/Ju Ju. I’m not sold on McKinnon being anywhere close to an RB1 like he has been of late. He is still splitting time with Lat Murray and I just don’t quite trust him. If McKinnon maintains true RB2 level, I think this trade is good for you. If not (which I think is likely, but part of it is just a gut feeling), it’s not the best trade but you didn’t get robbed or anything.