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Need help ASAP


Hi Guys I am in Half PPR league
My team

TY Hilton
G Tate
K Hunt
M Gordon
C Thomson

Would you Traid M Gordon for M Crabtree and D Martin ?

Thank you


I personally wouldn’t do it. Gordon is going to get the volume where Martin is a hit or miss play on a horrible offense.


Thank you. I agree the reasons I am looking at it my WR are not good need a boost.


Yea don’t do that Gordon way more valuable


Could always try and trade TY based off that last game. His schedule is brutal and someone might bite on him for big play potential giving you someone more consistent.


Would you Traid TY for C Hogan ?


If Hogan is healthy, I would. Only issue with him is he’s been banged up a good bit. I might sit on it and see what the practice report is before I jumped there. He might be out this week at least.


Thank you I will keep my eye on it


Take the hogan trade. It’ll be the cheapest you’ll be able to buy him. Take a loss this week if he isn’t healthy and use him later


You don’t think he has a pretty hard the rest of the schedule ?


Don’t do it


Brisset with the hardest schedule in the league… or Tom Brady to Hogan… I know my answer.


I’m not sure how long Hogan is going to be out though. Looks like a no go for this week.