Need help at #3 WR spot

I had Diggs go on Thursday night, and AJ Green as my #1. My opponent had Kupp in so my #3 start is crucial this week.

My options are:

Geromino Allison-- Cobb may sit or at best plays dinged up. My opponent also has Rodgers going, so to have one of his targets could work out in my favor.

Mike Williams-- Both Travis Benjamin and Keenan Allen are dinged, and one or both could sit. I worry this game could get out of hand for the Chargers regulating them to run the ball more once they build a lead.

Chris Godwin–Seems to have a safe floor. After my opponent getting 37 points from Kupp safe is probably not the way to go.

Any thoughts?

I’d go Williams first, Allison second and Godwin last. I have a feeling the Bears really about to flex their defensive muscle this week.

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I’m leaning Allison over Williams slightly. Tre’davious White will probably shadow Adams, but the other Bills corners aren’t great. And if Cobb’s out, like it more. I do like Williams, but am also worried that LAC will have it in hand early and will lean more on the run.

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The awesome thing about Green Bay is they are never a team to sit on a lead. They have no probably beating a weak team by 42 points. Chargers, on the other hand, will go safe with a 14 point lead.

I’d definitely go Williams first, especially if Allen out. And in this game I don’t see him playing very much as they should win. Williams becomes the #1 WR. If they get out to an early lead just hope that Williams was the reason. I think he gets half his points in the first qtr.
Also, rain is expected in both Green Bay and Chicago Sunday so not sure how that will affect passing game but might result in less passing

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