Need help at TE in Week 11

With Rule 86 out once again. My choices are the following:

Clay vs. Chargers
Lewis vs. Browns
Fiedorowicz vs. Cardinals
Gresham vs. Texans
Ebron vs. Bears

Who has the highest ceiling?

Thanks in Advance!

Can you get Davis or is he gone?if gone, Lewis is probably b3st option.

The smart play is probably Clay or Big Gresh, but for some reason I feel like Lewis is going to have a big game. The Browns are BAD against the TE and I just feel like it’s going to be a 2 TD game for Lewis. That said, I’m not taking my own advice with Doyle out. Go for the glory play!!!


No He is gone. :frowning:

I was leaning towards Lewis as well if he is healthy.

Fading the browns in every way possible is always a good move. They are TRASH against the TE and im sure Jax will have plenty of short fields. Fournette also not at practice today…not a huge boost but might toss it to lewis instead of handing it to him inside the 10.

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Curious… would the expected really bad weather cause you to be more or less interested in Marcedes Lewis vs CLE?

I don’t have anything to back this up statistically. Wasn’t banking on a finely tuned machine type offense to make Lewis valuable. Was prob gonna be ugly anyway so I guess I wouldn’t be worried about it. Browns might turn it over multiple times on their own side of the field ?

Consider Davis when has performed well . Reed will be out this week and cousins will be passing alot

If Davis was available I would have considered him but alas he is not.