Need help at WR

I cant find a trade partner for the life of me and my WR are my achilles heel this year. 1st so far at 7-2.

Dede was dropped this week and with his playoff schedule and Foles coming back I like his chances. Who should I drop for him if anyone? I know the easy answer is Gordon but id like to hear some thoughts, maybe some suggestions for trade targets.

Upping this…anyone? Maybe Drop Royce? Hes got a cake playoff schedule but will I actually start him being the 5th option on my bench?

aw cmon guys help a friend out

I’d be dropping Gordon. Think he’s beyond overrated at this point in his career.

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Add Dede for Gordon.

And see if you can trade White/Freeman for a WR. Pair one or both of them with Woods - he just hasn’t produced, even with Cooks injured, he’s not getting it done. Use his name/team value to upgrade.

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Make it 3 for Gordon. Too unpredictable to count on.

I fourth that opinion.

Thanks everyone. I should also note that Crowder is available as well, Full PPR. Do you take Dede or Crowder?

For now I would say Crowder, until it’s known how Westbrook works with Foles.

As of now, Crowder is in my line-up as WR2. But I’m considering picking up Pascal instead…Dede is not even on my radar.

fair enough. I liked Dede’s rapport with Foles in the preseason, they have a pretty cake playoff schedule and im on the bring of clinching a 1st round (week 14) bye. This week of course would be a crowder week but do I start crowder over any of the guys in my lineup right now? I lean no. Pascal passed the eye test with flying colours but i opted to not drop waiver priority on him this week and lost my opportunity.

I’d probably start both Crowder and Pascal over Robert Woods - Crowder for floor; Pascal for upside.