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This is year 2 of our league I am the commish. It started as a friends and family type league but we eliminated some random’s and now have a good core. Much more competitive. That being said, it’s still a majority of players who have only done fantasy for a couple years tops (year 3 overall for me)

So what do you all do when you have leaguemates who do just dumb, dumb stuff. Autodraft, starting bye week players, etc. we just had a guy trade his 5th rd pick for Tom Brady (LOL) to be his 1 keeper when he already had Leonard Fournette on his roster (LOL again)

So do you just sit back and watch and laugh? Try to help? Mitigate it and not allow that trade to happen? Or am I just caring too much about the happenings in my league?

In my main home league, the things we hate most and don’t put up with is laziness and activeness. We absolutely do not put up with autodraft. That is the worst. If you don’t show up to draft, you are out. With being able to do it from home online nowadays, there is no reason you can’t make it. We have a waiting list, and if someone is not on to draft we give the team to the person highest on the list that can do the draft. Not setting a lineup, we give one warning. If they continue to do it they are out, not welcome back the next year. As commissioner I also have everyones email and number, so I will email, call and text as many times as I have to in order to try and get you to set a lineup. Only takes 5 minutes to do. Bad trades and add drops we put up with unless there is obvious collusion. Some people just love certain player and are homers, so just laugh at them and take their money. If there is collusion, they are both out.


I don’t commish any leagues, but when I see stuff like this I do address it. It’s no fun to invest time into something that other people ruin with foolishness. If you can replace the bad ones, I would. Not worth the headache!

I would never overrule or reverse a trade.

You can:

  1. Find a more competitive league to play in. You don’t have to leave this league but get a more enjoyable experience elsewhere if you want.
  2. Tell your leaguemates to listen to the Pod. You want to make them more competitive right?!
  3. Use league chat. If a guy in my league kept Brady I would be mocking daily. I would also be using league chat to gloat daily if I won. Make others want to win too!

As a Commish you cannot care too much. Just by asking the question - you are doing the right thing.

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Sometimes if the cost of the league is expensive, people might not be so into doing stupid trades. You can make a cost for the league and it can possibly stop that. It does not always work, but it has worked for me.

So last year was free now it’s a $25 buy in. We went from waivers and week 17 play to 1 week playoff matches and FAAB. If you autodraft I zero out your FAAB account until week 1. You’re stuck with your autodraft picks. If you start a bye week or hurt player more than once, it’s a $20 FAAB penalty (out of $200)

I’ll suggest the podcast. And I guess I’ll laugh when I see the first overall pick go with Tom Brady hahaha

It ruins the league when people do that, but if you make money out of it then thats great too!

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