Need help before the game starts! WR

Should I play Sutton over Pettis?

Pettis is questionable to play but if he starts I’d play him over Sutton

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Sutton plays today tho Pettis plays tomarrow do you think I should stick with Pettis… I have no other wr on the bench other than sutton if Pettis doesn’t play

I just dropped j. Adams for A. Robinson just in case what do you guys think

Tough call. I’d still go Pettis if he plays. I think I’d rather play Adams before Sutton. Not that I don’t like him but hard to know if Sutton or Hamilton will get the ball. Denver’s offense runs through Lindsay and there’s minimal passing yards to go around

Ya I feel I’m good at RB so I felt like I could give him up for a “just in case”. I like pettis this week in the playoffs and all I’m just worried about his injury causing limitations you know

Feel ya*…