NEED help before Thursday!

Ed Dickson or Njoku at TE

I like ed but that gives me 3 panthers in a Thursday night game I’m playing CAM and Funchess

Also pick two - Cohen Peterson Buck Allen

Njoku for me or are there any other TE’s u can stream
and i would have go Buck Allen and Peterson I dont like Cohen matchup against the Ravens

I hv Pete and buck in thanks for help

I’m going to go with njoku

yeah anytime that is what were all here for

Tough call on the TEs. Neither has great volume but I think Njoku is more likely to catch a TD. For your RBs I would take AP and Buck Allen. Cohen looks like he is trying to do too much out there and I think it’s affecting his snap count.

Thanks man any trade target ideas for cohen? I hate trading low but maybe I can find another buy low target with more upside in thinking demarco type

I just saw a post where someone traded Cohen for Duke Jr. If you can make that happen, do it. I wouldn’t label Cohen as a trade-low. But see who’s desperate for an RB. Maybe someone with injuries or a team that needs him for a bye week.

Eh I’m on the not roster any browns train haha - any other ideas ??

Edit : I just trade rob Kelley and a second round pick for demarco so I hv demarco Ap and buck Allen now with Jamal Charles stashed

Lol welp ig accept in the TE position

Nice! I think Murray will improve when Mariota returns and the offense gets going again.