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Need help choosing a WR


So I have gotten really lucky with my wr team and have traded for M Thomas early and drafted A. Jeffery late. I’m torn now who to play since I Have AB, M Thomas, JuJu, & A Jeffery. Who should I play? Should I also try and trade one of them? if so who? My rbs rn is Yeldon and Connor


Oh Yeah, trade one of those monster WRs and get at least a top 20-15RB. Start AB, Thomas, JuJu


play ab, thomas, and juju imo. if it’s only two, then ab and thomas.


Who would you suggest trading?


Id sell high on Jeffery or JuJu bc i dont like have 2 Wrs on the same team. You defintely need a top 12 RB for them though


I was thinking JUju


Trade Juju on the hype right now.
People out there believe that Juju > AB ROS due to how he’s currently performing.