Need help choosing a WR

So I have gotten really lucky with my wr team and have traded for M Thomas early and drafted A. Jeffery late. I’m torn now who to play since I Have AB, M Thomas, JuJu, & A Jeffery. Who should I play? Should I also try and trade one of them? if so who? My rbs rn is Yeldon and Connor

Oh Yeah, trade one of those monster WRs and get at least a top 20-15RB. Start AB, Thomas, JuJu

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play ab, thomas, and juju imo. if it’s only two, then ab and thomas.

Who would you suggest trading?

Id sell high on Jeffery or JuJu bc i dont like have 2 Wrs on the same team. You defintely need a top 12 RB for them though

I was thinking JUju

Trade Juju on the hype right now.
People out there believe that Juju > AB ROS due to how he’s currently performing.