Need help creating a good trade!

I lost dalvin cook and my running backs aren’t looking too good. It’s a PPR league

QB: Rivers/Cousins
WR: D.Bryant, K.Allen, M.Crabtree, D. Jackson, D.Funchess
TE: H.Henry
RB: Duke Johnson, L.Blount, B.Powell, M.Mack and David Johnson on IR

I need to make a trade ASAP but I also don’t want to hurt my team. There’s a guy in my league who is hurting at receiver and has A.Kamara and L.Miller… what would make for a good trade?

Need your scoring format. I’m a big fan of searching on here and on Reddit for trades involving my players to see where the consensus is at before I trade.

You’ve got a lot of WR depth, and losing one of them won’t kill you. Don’t limit yourself to just what this guy offers.

It’s a ppr league

If you’re into buying low, I’d go after Demarco and see what you can get for him. It’s not sexy, and Kamara is enticing but he’s valued very high by most owners. Don’t know what to make of Lamar.

Interest… Who would you offer for Murray?

I got Lamar Miller and gave up James White…People aren’t big on him.

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Depends on how the guy is doing. Some people are selling him for pennies in my leagues.

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Another guy in my league has
WR: Tyreek Hill, Chris Hogan, Doug Baldwin and Allen Hurns.
RB: L. Fournette, Tevin Coleman, Doug Martin and Aaron jones.

Anyway way I could snag one of his running backs?

Doubt you could sniff Fournette. I’d value them Doug-Coleman-Jones. Not sure what we’ll get out of Jones with all the competition. Doug is low end RB1 fringe. Coleman is a solid RB2 if he gets a TD. I’d talk to the owner and see what he values.

Who should I offer for for Martin or Coleman?

Man it really depends on what he values. Coleman would be easier to snag usually, but you’ve got to get a feel for what he wants.