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Need Help David Johnson Trade


I picked up David Johnson (Idiot dropped him). Should I trade him straight up for Alshon Jeffery? My wr1 is aj green but my #2 is Hurns and then Pryor on the bench.


I would make that trade honestly. I’m not absolutely in love with alshon, but the uncertainty of david johnson, and thwm how great will he be when/if he comes back? Idk, a lot of things might change by then, but it sounds like you could use a guy like alshon right now.


If I am the Alshon owner, why would I accept that?


That’s what I am thinking. I only play the guy I am trading him to in week 7 so he wont play him against me. I don’t want to trade him to a team that will go deep into playoffs or I am screwed lol.

Do you feel I can get more than Alshon for him?


The Alshon owner has Julio and Evans he doesn’t ever play Alshon and is kinda in need for RB not desperate but could need more.


So he is need for a RB that isn’t going to play for another 8-10 weeks?


He has Hyde Mccaffery and Gillislee so he can survive without him. So can I. That’s why idk if I should keep him or not.
Do yall think I can survive with Hurns as a WR2?
My team is
D murray,

M, Bryant
T, coleman


IDK to keep Johnson or not =/


If you can get Alshon for David Johnson do it. I don’t think you can survive with Hurns as your WR2. I’m just saying I wouldn’t accept that offer if I am the Alshon owner.


There is no guarantee Johnson is even coming back this year. By the time he is healthy enough to return he is still going to need a week or so to get back in the mix of things. The Cardinals have zero running game without him and it is hard for a team to make a playoff run without a decent run game. Not to say it can’t happen, but it is difficult. At the time Johnson is expected to return, the Cardinals may already be out of the playoff hunt, meaning they have zero reason to rush him back. I say get what you can out of him and don’t be overly concerned about facing him down the road. The odds of you trading him away to a team that ultimately ends up facing you in the championship, and Johnson coming back in time are slim. Cash in now.


I don’t think you can say that the previous owner was an “idiot”. Only if I had an IR spot to stash him I’d hold him, but to lock up a roster spot for 12+ weeks and then maybe get him back? I see no other reason to hold onto him. If you can trade him for a bag of chips, do it.


An update. I currently have the Alshon for Johnson trade proposed to me (not accepted yet).
I have a trade I sent to the Michael Thomas owner for Johnson and Martavius Bryant.
Thoughts on that trade?


I would do the Michael Thomas for Bryant and Johnson. Thomas is a fringe WR1 in a lot of games, and Bryant is very touchdown dependent and that along with Big Bens road splits always make Bryant a risky start


Take either one. Hurns isn’t a consistent WR2. I wouldn’t consider him a strong flex play at this point either. Get Alshon or Thomas and run with it.


He could have dropped Mercedes Lewis or Matt forte instead is why I think he is an idiot for it.