Need help deciding on keeper! Please help!

So we get to keep 3 guys, two of them I’m for sure keeping Tyreek Hill (assuming everything goes well with his situation) and James Connor. The last guy I’m choosing between Diggs and Amari cooper, please help!!

I would go Diggs based on consistency, Cooper has more potential to explode in a given week, but as a dynasty Cooper owner, it is more often frustrating than rewarding. Plus Minnesota’s offensive line got better so he might have more options for big plays as well.

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I am going against the grain here by saying Cooper is who I would select over Diggs. I don’t forget the past but Cooper is in a better situation in Dallas today. He is 25 years old…thats insane! Along with the injuries Diggs has had vs Cooper its almost a no-brainer decision for me.

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Diggs is also 25… but fair enough, it’s a tough choice either way.

All good points, I got a lot of time to make the decision but just wanted to see what some of you guys think cause I’ve been stressing about it lol!

I’ll throw a vote in here for Diggs. I don’t think their ceilings are wildy different and Diggs has been more consistent through his career.

Oh look you have two threads with the same question. Nice.

As stated in your other thread, both Cooper and Diggs are easy choices over Tyreek Hill at this point. It’s possible that changes as more info comes out on Hill.

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