Need help deciding who to drop

Full PPR 12 man, roster below. Will need to pick up a DST this week so need to drop one. I’m thinking Singletary, grabbed him ahead of final cuts but ow scoring offense and talk of RBBC just makes me want out?

Any other suggestions. Will try and trade if I can to free up one slot but if not one guy has to go.

QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, Montgomery, Jones, Darwin Thompson, Breida, Jackson, Singletary
WRs - Allen, Thielen, Cooper, Godwin, Samuels
TE - Engram
K - Badgley

Not sure who you should drop but I would hold on to Singletary with shady being cut singletary is in line for a larger role. Maybe parting with thompson, breida or jackson. I will be interested to see what other people think or what you end up doing but I think there is larger upside to Singletary now that mcCoy is cut

To be fair just read a report that the Chargers might pick up McCoy… crushing Jackson value, makes it slightly more difficult.

Not sure if there’s any truth to that though but I would think the Chargers would want to move Melvin first via trade and have an RBBC for the year…

Bredia I think will lead that SF backfield IMO and Thompson I want to hold and see what week 1 and 2 look like. Plus if Damien gets hurt I’ve got a league winner. He may well get meaningful touches early to keep Damien healthy

Well with that then just drop jackson, if rumors are true you don’t lose anything.
I’m wondering if mcCoy to SD are just pressure to get Melvin to sign.
Could see McCoy going to houston though

Yeah I find it hard to believe to be honest. I’ll hold as long as I can eirher way just in case.

There are two really RB poor teams in the league who haven’t responded yet to trade conversations. I’d much rather they get these potential RB upside or solid RB3(possibly more) from me via trade then free of waivers…

Let’s pause with the Darwin thompson hype slightly. If Damien Williams plays, Darwin Thompson’s ceiling is Charcandrick West. That’s his skill set. Having said that, his upside is very high if Dame Williams does get hurt.

Personally, I’d hold to the very last second to see where Shady lands. If Jackson retains his role, he’s valuable. If McCoy goes there, his value plummets. Singletary has season long value but tbh, I’m not as big on him as the others. I think the McCoy trade helps his floor but not his ceiling. He is still capped by ageless wonder who should see no less than 150-200 carries. And then Yeldon is still there who is a prove pass catcher and superior athlete. So you’re looking at an RBBC in an offense that won’t score much with a running QB that scrambles over passing screens to his RBs.

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I think that’s the play I was leaning towards just getting a few takes.

Even if McCoy goes elsewhere and Jackson retains his value I would probably still put Singletary back. Agree on Thompson but he’s worth a look week 1 and to have someone with his potential value should something happen at the end of my bench is more appealing than Singletary.

I wouldn’t ever start Singletary unless he had all passing down work and took the majority of the carries which I don’t see happening. But as long as I can afford to hold Thompson I think it’s a good idea to, given Damien’s lack of bell cow history. It’s a lot for his body to go to that volume level in the NFL for the first time for a full year.

I’ll try for a trade to someone tilting - we have an owner who had McCoy, McKinnon and Miller so is reeling right now.

Yeah step one should always be to do a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 type deal to upgrade your mid level guys to a higher tier.

maybe you can take like Godwin + Darwin + Singletary who are 3 of the most hyped players right now and flip it into like Mike Evans. That would be a wet dream.

Or package Monty + Darwin + Singletary and upgrade into a real stud RB2. I bet you could take Monty and Singletary/Darwin and flip into like a D Freeman or something which I would do all day and twice on sundays. You have a lot of players on your roster who are living off hype and trading at their ceilings. You should take advantage. I’m seeing Monty go in 2nd rounds these days which is absolutely absurd. Not saying he can’t be great but he would literally have to play out of this world just for people to break even on their investment.

TE is another area you could look to. Maybe Darwin + Singletary + Engram for Kelce.

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All good shouts, the dust is staring to settle and the chat on trades is starting again so I’m sure something can be done.

Just seeing that the Chargers reps are allowing him to seek a trade option now… getting interesting in LA. Not if he goes to the Packers though as twitter seems to be willing him to do and crushes Jones’ value

I will be a very very sad man if he goes to packers. Been an A Jones truther from Day 1 and I am over exposed.


It’s got to be Tampa or somewhere like that. I can see GB front office trading decent capital and then handing over a hefty guaranteed contract with Jones on the roster for cheap.

Melvin won’t move unless the big deal is 100% assured.

@MikeMeUpp well the Chiefs made this call for me, Darwin Thompson it is.

Gotta love it when decisions are made for you.

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