Need help! draft tonite

Guys i need help. I have 8th pick in a 10 team league. I really want LAmar Jackson but i feel he wont drop past the 8th round. Is it a a dumb idea to draft LAmar in the 8th and then pair him with Carson Wentz in the 9th or someone else later because who knows how many times Jackson will throw the ball. Is Lamar Jackson too risky???

Lamar didn’t go until the 11th round in my 12 team redraft last Friday. It seems like quite a reach to take him in the 8th in a 10 team. If you really like him though, especially over the other QBs available in the 8th, then feel free to snag him.

I think the ballers mentioned the strategy of grabbing him and another QB in the last couple rounds of a draft yesterday on the podcast.

Josh Allen is basically the same as Lamar but is going in the 14th. I do really like the idea of Wentz in the 9th or 10th and then grabbing Allen late and having solid depth at QB.