Need help fast footclan!

Got offered lev bell doug baldwin and rishard Mathews for Aaron jones, Jordon Howard and Mike Evans. 5 player keeper ppr league? Do the deal or not? He is in first in in second place

Personally I would focus on if you would do the Bell + Baldwin - Howard + Evans

I think I would take this trade.

Bell > Howard

Given the state of Tampa Bays team, Baldwin and Evans could be a push rest of season. Baldwin is a second half of the season player and is a great player himself.

I took it only way was to have jones in there as well. I got him to through in Watkins instead of Mathews. Hope Watkins finds a new team next year that uses him more

I think that’s a great trade. I don’t see any GB RB having much success rest of season plus Watkins is the most talented WR on a great offense. There’s still plenty of time for them to feature him more.