Need help figuring out who to drop to pick up a QB during these byes!

I basically need to pick up a QB because Rodgers is on bye but I don’t know who to drop. My team is:

QB - Rodgers

RBs - Kamara, Clement, Dalvin Cook, Breida, and Aaron Jones

WRs - Hilton, Boyd, John Brown, Kupp, Amari Cooper, Geronimo Allison

TEs - Kittle, Olsen

I may also need to add Latavius Murray (I dropped him last week in favor of placing Greg Olsen back in my team b/c he had been in the IR spot all season)

I was also thinking of adding, Jermaine Kearse, Peyton Barber, or Marquise Goodwin. But I’m thinking Murray is more of a necessity because I have Dalvin Cook?

Top QBs available to pick up are – Winston, Trubisky, Mayfield

Thank you for your help!

I never see a reason for holding 2 TEs on my roster, so I would try to package either Kittle/Olsen and a WR/RB to upgrade at WR/RB in a trade…

If you can’t do that and want to drop someone to stream at QB this week I would drop 1 of your TEs for Jameis Winston…

We don’t have any injury reports yet for this week, but early reports are Cook will be back…
Still, it would not be a bad idea to get Latavius Murray back as a handcuff given Cook’s injuries this season…

I have no interest in Kearse or Goodwin over the WRs you currently have, they would just sit on bench every week…same for Barber don’t even consider adding him. Murray is more valuable pickup as a Cook handcuff…

Damn, that’s true. My whole team is so injury ridden…but yeah. Thanks for the advice!

If you dropped one of these TEs which would you drop?

I’d drop a TE, too. Personally, I’d drop Olsen. I don’t want the injury risk that comes with him and don’t think he’ll make it ROS without an injury. That being said, Olsen has trade value, so you’ll be dropping someone you could have packaged to upgrade at another position.

That is a great point. I’m going to try and trade him +1 of my players for 1 solid player. I will report back with ideas.

Good luck : )

How does Dalvin Cook and Greg Olsen for Davante Adams sound?

They probably wouldn’t go for it lol

Their TE is Seals-Jones

The two teams in my league who don’t have strong TEs also happen to be at the bottom of our table at 2-4 and 1-5. I think offering Olsen and some to these guys may work. Any ideas? Tiny hands of trump team is 2-4 and Tom brady team is 1-5

I think Trump team would be the better partner since they seem to need RB’s more IMO. You could offer Olsen/Lewis for Josh gordon/Golden Tate. Davante Adams is also a nice target though, since he’s on bye and a losing team might not be patient enough wait him out if they’re motivated to make the playoffs in a league with 4 playoff spots. In that case, you’d have to include better/more players though.

For the other team, Mike Evans might be gettable since he’s kind of a buy low right now. However, you shouldn’t be able to get him for Olsen/Lewis in my opinion and would likely need to include Olsen + a better player than Lewis

Oh right! going for Adams, with the whole bye week thing and them being at the bottom of the table with a meh TE, could line up perfect for me.

Thanks for the advice! Appreciate it.