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Need help figuring out who to drop


I need to pick up a kicker, but I have no idea who to drop. Options are:

Marlon Mack, Robby Anderson, Keke Coutee, Antonio Callaway, Jack Doyle, Royce Freeman.

My starters are pretty good, so I’m just trying to hold as much value as possible.

I know Callaway has been horrendous, but I really want to see what happens in the Tampa game . . . his upcoming schedule is ridiculous, and I’ve held him for a LONG time . . .


I think it’s between the 3 WRs. Personally I would cut Callaway but youre right his schedule is juicy.


who is your current kicker?
Historically i have always drafted a kicker in the last round and then picked up somebody who has been killing it mid season passed their bye, dropping who i initially drafted.


callaway is simply not good, he has had the opportunity basically this whole season and continues to drop the ball (literally and metaphorically)


It was Zuerline, then Bailey, then Matt Bryant, but Bryant is out with a hammy, so I dropped him to pick up Ito Smith. I’m gonna pick up Zuerline again.

Grrr . . I don’t like it, but I guess It’s time to cut Callaway.

He’s definitely gonna have a monster week now.