Need help figuring out who to drop

I need to pick up a kicker, but I have no idea who to drop. Options are:

Marlon Mack, Robby Anderson, Keke Coutee, Antonio Callaway, Jack Doyle, Royce Freeman.

My starters are pretty good, so I’m just trying to hold as much value as possible.

I know Callaway has been horrendous, but I really want to see what happens in the Tampa game . . . his upcoming schedule is ridiculous, and I’ve held him for a LONG time . . .

I think it’s between the 3 WRs. Personally I would cut Callaway but youre right his schedule is juicy.

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who is your current kicker?
Historically i have always drafted a kicker in the last round and then picked up somebody who has been killing it mid season passed their bye, dropping who i initially drafted.

callaway is simply not good, he has had the opportunity basically this whole season and continues to drop the ball (literally and metaphorically)

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It was Zuerline, then Bailey, then Matt Bryant, but Bryant is out with a hammy, so I dropped him to pick up Ito Smith. I’m gonna pick up Zuerline again.

Grrr . . I don’t like it, but I guess It’s time to cut Callaway.

He’s definitely gonna have a monster week now.

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