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Need help for a BIG week


Std league, I’ve got Gillislee, Ajayi, Hyde, and Cohen at RB, Jordy Nelson, Martavis Bryant, Adam Thielen, Jarvis Landry, and Moncrief at WR. I played Gilly in my RB slot thursday and only got 5.2 pts, so now I need to put together a big week out of the rest since my opponent has Zeke and Hunt as RBs. I lean toward Jordy and Thielen, with Hyde as RB2 and Ajayi in flex, but I’m concerned about the Miami offense and Ajayi’s two bust weeks. I could hold Thielen and Cohen as flex options for monday night and play Bryant or Landry as the WR2, benching Ajayi. What would you do?


I would play ajaji I feel like you gotta ride or die with him and your gona need the possible high ceiling he cold bring.


Thielen vs Bryant at home is an interesting WR2.

I’m not a Bryant believer so I would go theilen but seems his Bryant at home theory always comes true


looking like bryant is out


Don’t bench Ajayi. You will be very sad if you do. He’s going to finally be a top 5 back this week.


Play Ajayi, Hyde and Jordy FOR SURE. I would personally take the risk/reward on Martavis. Good luck!


Thanks Team! Looks like Bryant will play despite an illness, so I’ll roll with the higher upside play.