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Need help for my Dynasty-Team's-Future

Hello Footclan and bonjour from Germany :de:

i need your help for my Dynasty-Team (and it’s future)

I want your much valued evaluation of my roster so I can decide in which direction I have to go with it.

The AB-story broke my team’s neck last year, missed the playoffs shortly. Do I have to rebuild my team and take the next season as a transition-year? If yes, which players should I draft away and for what and with which players should i go on?

Thank you very much in advance, need your all opinions to get better.

PS: as you can see I’ve got the 1.04 2.04 3.04 4.04 in the rookie draft this season!

I would rebuild.

I would keep zeke obviously, but try and get rid of some of your other bigger players like Engram, Diggs, maybe Fournette for more picks and maybe some younger talent like McLaurin, Deebo, Miles Sanders, Noah Fant, etc. Also, depends on how many teams you have in your league.

This is a deep draft for good offensive weapons. You could try and get a few more picks in the early rounds that will certainly give you some starting talent for years to come.

Regarding young players to draft, looks like you need help in all the categories. You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of the rookie receivers that are going in the first round (Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs, etc.). There are a few RBs (Swift, Dobbins, Taylor, Akers, Edwards-Helaire). But ULTIMATELY, it all depends on how the NFL draft pans out.

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I think I would agree with @DBDangsonGTBM. I tried to put myself in a ‘win-now’ mindset just to see what would happen. And with that I’d have to take a WR at the 1.04 to get a decent starting lineup, but it would result in a decent starting lineup. However then your bench would be almost completely unreliable for everything except arguably QB (Jason might say it’s completely unreliable). So you’d have to have either a) a whole lot of fortunate events for the people on your bench (injuries, 2nd year breakouts) or b) your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounders turning into 2 semi-consistent starters.

In summary, while technically I see a way to a run here, it’s more in the “if these 15 things go exactly as planned, I’ve got a shot” sense than a likely outcome. Just my two cents of course.

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Oh, i forgot to say: it’s a 12-Team , HPPR Dynasty

I will try to sell Diggs and Engram, maybe Fournette to get some young talent and picks in the upcoming rookiedraft.

Thanks a lot for your help @DBDangsonGTBM + @allcaps18


No doubt take the last of the top 4 RBs at 1.04. If you are lucky, someone in front of you will take a wr and you will have a choice. I might try to get one of your back up RBs. There will be good WRs available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

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Harry and Bustler were the 2 hot WRs at this time last year.

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I use the dynasty dominator app for trades

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Thanks for your opinion @jrb62062 !

I suggest Jeaudy + Lamb going 1.1 and 1.2 or 1.3, so I guess I would get the 2nd RB in the draft. Our starting line up is 2RB 3WR 1TE 2RBWRTE

Even better. Can’t wait to see where the RBs land. Looking at historical dynasty rookie drafts I don’t know why anyone would go WR that early, but if it happens then good for you.

Personally I don’t like the idea of a full rebuild unless it is absolutely necessary (maybe you had a few too many at the draft, or you inherited a crappy team). That being said, it doesn’t look like either of those are true with this line-up. You’re starting QB, and RBs are fine. If Johnson, Stills, Lazard, or Samuel hit this year then you’ll be fine at WR1 & 2. I would recommend drafting WR if one of the top two are available, otherwise just take the best RB on the board and you should have a serviceable line-up that could make a playoff run. Then the 2nd pick should be whichever position you didn’t pick in the 1st round.
I would suggest trying to trade Engram and one of your mid to lower level RBs for a more reliable WR if you can. I don’t know how much trade value Engram is going to have, but you can probably still find someone that’s high on him.

Definitely go rb at the 1.04. Cut some dead weight off the bench. Trade fournette if you can. You will still get a solid wr in the 2nd.

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