Need help for my Keeper League

I just won my league, and I did it mostly with my receivers. It is a 12 man league with standard scoring (no ppr at all). I have these players listed and the rounds I drafted them. I get to keep 3.
Round 1. Tyreek Hill
Round 2. Leonard Fournette (through in-season trade)
Round 2. Joe mixon
Round 4. Dj moore
Round 10. George Kittle
Round 11. Calvin Ridley
Round 12. AJ Brown
Round 16. Devante Parker

I plan to keep 3 of these players. I dont need to keep a QB so I didnt list any. I would lock in Joe mixon as a keeper and then need help deciding the other 2.

I believe in Parker to produce again. My belief in him last season really paid off and I think he can do it again with Adam NutGASE gone.

Aj brown is a beast but I’m worried about the style of offense even if he is the clear #1 receiver.

I think Ridley is an amazing keeper who could be more productive than Julio before too long. Big touchdown guy too.


This league setup makes BOOM players huge because the roster is so small. I love George Kittle and his reliability for touchdowns and yards. I think he will keep doing what he has been doing. He is my favorite player in the NFL, but I don’t want to let that sway me.

DJ Moore. wow. big year and a great pick. He is so young. I think he will be their star for years to come… however, Teddy bridgewater has a tall task ahead of him in that division. I think I have better options in later rounds.

Mixon. I love him. He will be a top 6 RB this year. Guaranteed.

Fournette. My initial plan was to keep both Fournette and Mixon, but that would make one of them my first round pick. I do have a late first rounder because I won, but still… the jags scare me.

Tyreek Hill. Here is my dillema. Hill at the #12 pick is great value especially when all of the other league winner WR will probably be kept. I might have to do Tyreek + Mixon as my rd 1 and rd 2 keepers and just go for talent instead of value.

Let me know what yall think!

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I would go brown ridley and mixon, the value on brown and ridley is very nice and mixon should be solid as long as he doesn’t hold out, you should be able to get a great player in the first round so if Hill is there or better yet a top tier RB is there you should be set

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or parker too, he has ridiculous value at the 16th

I was thinking the exact same thing. As much as I’d like to keep them all, there is no denying the late value of Brown, Ridley and Parker. Brown and Ridley are the right choice based off of the dynasty rankings posted by the ballers since they are so young, but something about Devante Parker and the dolphins fires me up. He and Ryan Fitzmagic won me my title at the end of last season.

… I probably shouldnt let bias play a part in my decision though…

Currently looking into which RB I could get with the 12th pick. RBs are hard to come by and it might be more valuable in the end to keep fournette and mixon… even if that pushes one to the first round.

I beat a guy who has mccaffrey and chubb and Julio Jones as his keepers. It’s going to be a tough repeat

I hear you, I’ve got Parker as a top 10 WR this year but I’m biased as well hahaha I’ve had him on my team for years. Yeah, I see Fournette as risky with the off the field issues, but he could pop off too if the Jags just want to run him into the ground. You might be able to throw him back and then pick him up in the first round, that way you keep the value of those receivers, but it depends on what picks everyone has and who they are letting go.

Winning puts me in a tough position because my second round pick (taken by Joe mixon) is more valuable and my first round pick is less valuable. I just predicted the keepers of the rest of the league, and it’s not looking good for picking another running back with the 12th pick.

Maybe I take my shot on Clyde Edwards Hellaire…
I know that I can get receivers in the season though. I always seem to snipe them off of people because they get down on them so easily. Running backs are super hard to come by and nobody trades them in my league…

I think Joe Mixon + AJ Brown + Calvin Ridley is the way to go

IMHO it’s Mixon / Kittle / AJB and done. The value is too great for Kittle and AJB to pass up.

I hope it helps!

Even if we don’t have a designated TE spot? Kittle is essentially a WR in my league.

That’s a great idea, I would take a chance at CEH as your 1st or 2nd round pick, hopefully you can get him with the 2nd, but in a keeper with a late 1st round you may not be able to get him there, he might be targeted much higher than usual adp , if you can grab him or maybe another rookie rb (swift, taylor, dobbins) that will even your team out very well, I do agree with @octoberland, Kittle is awesome at that price but he’s like a WR 18-22 so if you think Brown or Ridley will beat that I would take them over him.

I just went through the league and predicted keepers. It looks like, according to the ballers rankings, RB 1-14 are kept. Then that leaves me with these guys as my RB2 options:
Clyde Edwards-Helaire
Austin Ekeler
Le’Veon Bell
Melvin Gordon III
David Montgomery
James Conner
Raheem Mostert
Mark Ingram
and their RB25… Leonard Fournette

Personally, I’m buying the lev bell finishing above last year (RB17) which is a great option at RB2.
I’d really take any of those first 5 guys (montgomery scares me a bit).

Yeah I would go as far to say only the top 3 guys there I would want, Gordon is still a huge question mark, he might be great but it’s a crowded backfield unless they are just giving him the workload, I probably wouldn’t grab Montgomery there, he should be good for this year but I doubt he has any value after this year, but I think at where you’re drafting them you hope they are tier 1 players going forward and not just a stop gap for this year

I would still take Kittle, but I am not opposed to Ridley. They are really a coin flip IMHO and between the two I like Kittle better by a little.

For those RBs available, I’d be looking at: CEH / Ekeler / Monty / Bell / Mostert / Gordon / Singletary in that order. I get the worry on Monty but he does not scare me, especially as my RB2. But I think you can get him as your 3 due to many people being out on him.

I think the big steal here might be Mostert as I think in drafts folks will be down on him. You could take an Ekeler since you know what he can do (despite my liking CEH more) and then pair him with Mostert or Bell with their lower approval ratings as your RB3 and that could be a super strong core.

I have the 12th pick, and there are 7 picks ahead of me (4 first round keepers dont get picks). I predict 4 or 5 of them actually take a RB. I’d obviously prefer one of those first three guys as well. I really hope lev bell falls to me.

Octoberland, I reallly love Kittle (probably my favorite NFL player), so I could definitely see myself flipping on that as well. The ballers love ridley too though.

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To be clear I am not down on Ridley, but I feel Kittle has a more secure role in the SF offense and ATL likes to spread it around. I would be happy with either, but personally I’d be happier with Kittle.

I hope one or more of those RB fall to you!

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I haven’t checked ADP lately, but I don’t think there’s any way Fournette gets picked before the 3rd round (I would expect late 3rd/early 4th). So I wouldn’t use the keeper on him in the 2nd (and definitely not the 1st). In my opinion, you’ll get way more value taking Ridley or Brown and Parker late and going heavy RB for the first few picks. 10th round is good value for Kittle even in the no TE format too. Are you allowed to do off-season or draft day trades? If so you could try to move one of those later WRs and your 1st to move up and grab a one of those top RBs. Then if you keep Mixon, 1 of those WRs, and Kittle then you’d be sittin pretty