Need help for Thursday Night Football

Hey Clan, I just traded for J. White. With that, I need to start 3 of the 4:

James White
Sony Michel
Matt Breida
Chris Thompson

Do I dare start both Patriots RBs?

i would start sony michel and chris thompson

Michel is a lock. Do not start both, you’ll be disappointed.

CT would be my second.

I think I might sit Thompson of those three.

Play both Pats RBs, why not?

Because you cap your upside for no reason. And also, this is how pats play vs andrew luck led colts every time so far:

2014: NE @ IND W 42-20, Jonas Gray, 37 Carries, 201 yards, 4 TD, 44.1 PPR points
2014: NE vs. IND W 43-22, Blount, 24 Carries, 166 yards, 4 TD, 40.6 PPR points
2015: NE vs. IND W 45-7, Blount, 30 Carries, 148 yards, 3 TD
2015: NE @ IND 34-27, Blount, 16 Attempts, 93 yards, 1 TD, 1 rec, 11 yards, 1 rec TD, 23.4 PPR points

Michel is the runner, white is not. White also has to deal with edelman being back.

Last week, if you played White and Michel together, in my half PPR league, you would have gotten 26 and 18 points.

I think they can both succeed especially against a Colts offense that barely have any weapons tonight. I think Pats are on offense a lot tonight.

We’ll find out soon enough! :+1:t3::+1:t3:

If i played players based on what happened last week, i’d probably be out of business.

I’m only saying that you can still get good production even if they’re on the same team.

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Looking like your play worked out.

Def did not think colts would be this bad.

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