Need help friends!

Need some help guys!
Full PPR - 1- qb 2-rb 2-wr 2-fx 1-te
Need to keep 3 of these players - rounds don’t matter

A. Robinson

Strickly speaking if rounds do not matter in your keeper league, I personally would keep:

Ridley- I am sure keeping him is self-explanatory

Mixon- I know everyone is harping how he is an “injury risk.” However, before last year Mixon only missed 4 games in 3 years and he still produced in those years despite being on the injury report constantly. CIN added Chase this year and Burrow coming off a major knee injury will limit his mobility in the run game giving Mixon more run opportunities. Also, add in the fact Mixon’s main competition for passing work is now in TB. I fully believe Mixon will have a good year this year.

CEH- KC spent the offseason upgrading the O-Line, Bell is off the roster, and he finished as the RB21 (STND)/RB22 (PPR) with only 5 total TDs for the year. I personally think CEH’s hype was monumentally out of control last year and he finished at his floor. With a better O-Line, some experience with Mahomie, most likely positive TD regression, and possibly being the 3rd target on arguably the best offense in the NFL, I can see CEH finishing as a low RB1/high RB2, with even possible high RB1 upside.

These are just my personal opinions. I know a lot of people out there are very high on Akers. I just think McVay learned from running Gurly into the ground that the LAR backfield will be more of a split than having a workhorse back.

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Agree with @recespieces31 here. Since you are in a full PPR, Clyde and Mixon get a bump over Akers, and generally seem safer to me. But if you love Akers you could probably take him over Clyde. (Also I love Carson but age/injury might not be on his side).

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