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Need Help Gronkowski replacement?


I have Gronk and need to pick up a replacement for this week. Uzomah is on waivers with a good looking matchup this week. Jordan Reed was just dropped too but he hasn’t been doing much so far and he’s got a divisional matchup. Uzomah or Rule 86??? Standard scoring, thanks!


whaaaat? Uzomah!

I’m in the same pickle but I don’t have any of those good options.


Uzomah that over under is too juicy to pass up


Was Gronk officially ruled out? He could just be sleeping under a mountain of Bud Light cans.


Ugh…my options are: B. Watson, N. O’Leary, Antonio Gates, Goedert, Charles Clay.

I think I’m going Clay.


Yeah it’s probably clay or gates. But gronk just didnt travel with the team so it’s likely he wont play


I’ve got this same issue, man I wish I could get uzomah


Yah uzomah gets my vote


So would you drop Ridley, Aaron Jones or Connor? I’m leaning Jones or Ridley.


yea definitely not Connor…Bell hasn’t arrived yet. I’m in the same spot except I need to drop Howard, Collins, or Yeldon to pick up a TE.


Goodbye Collins!


Actually I take that back- tough choice.


Yeah man, I just can’t get behind Gates. Clay it is. Thanks for the input.


Reed isn’t a bad start, but I’d definitely go with Uzomah. I picked him up myself in one of my leagues I have Gronk in.