Need help joining a new league please!

How do I join a league? Maybe a stupid question but I cannot figure it out

Hey Nick! That’s not a dumb question at all. Basically, you can use this forum to look for leagues that have open spots. If you are interested in a ($50) 16-Man Dynasty/ Empire Start Up see original post:

Original Post:
Hey League!

I am looking to put together a simple, Dynasty/ Empire league. Using ESPN with 0.5 point scoring and online snake draft the payout would look like:
1st: $400 along with autographed Leveon Bell jersey (Year 1) won off Pristine Auction
2nd: $200
3rd: $100
Rolling Pot ($100) Paid out to first team to win championship in back to back years.

Top 6 teams make playoffs, top 2 get bye week.

If anyone drops out, with a garbage roster, I will make their team available for purchase to a new owner for $10.

If interested, please email me at I will email back within 24 hours. The first 15 applicants to reach out, and pay, will make the league!

Here is the link to view scoring: