Need help keepers

Alright, I took over a team in a keep league. Only keep 3 players. Keeping brown with 1 round value, need help choosing my other 2. @fantasyfootballers. Help me out footclan!


I would keep, in addition to Brown, Hogan for a 10th.

Do you have to keep 3?

I agree with @fun4willis. If you have to keep 3 I would add Roethlisberger in addition to Brown and Hogan. If you don’t have to keep three just go with Brown and Hogan. Depending on how your IR spots work consider Hunter Henry if he is available at the end of the draft.

We would 100% keep The Cheetah for a 4th rounder. No ifs ands or buts about it!

brown is a lock as you said. then i would keep hill, and lewis. at least if its a PPR. that changes things a lot for me if its standard or something. making lewis someone i would not want. but if i dont have to keep any, im just keeping brown and moving on. nothing really worth it here to keep value wise. maybe hogan, but to me that would just be a trade piece before the season starts.

I mean you can dislike Hogan, but with his ADP in the 5th that is undeniable value getting him in the 10th. You wouldn’t take advantage of that?

thats what i meant by taking him just to trade. i think his stat line stays about the same, maybe a small bump. so for me at least then i could get value out of him by trading him for something in the 5th-7th round. value isnt there for me, but it is for someone else. so use that to your advantage.

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Yeah have to keep 3

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Hill in the 4th is pretty decent value.

And then I think its between Hogan in the 10th and Lewis in the 6th. Personally prefer Hogan in the 10th cause the guys you’re getting around there don’t really have nearly as much upside as him.

The 6th is basically where Lewis should be going in a draft so not much value there. But locking Down Hill/Hogan/AB as your 3 WRs, you can just go into the draft and hammer out RBs.

No chance I’d keep Ben. First of all never keep QBs but second of all, Ben is not even playable in half the games so you basically have to roster 2 Qbs with him anyways. Might as well just stream.

Hogan for sure, if you have to keep 3 I’d probably go either Hill or Roethisberger depending on how early QB’s come off the board in your league.