Need help on a FAAB decision

1/2 ppr superflex dynasty league. someone dropped D. Schultz(no idea why).
looking to add him as my TE1 is J Cook. how much FAAB should i spend? I am thinking a lot but not sure

He’s on bye this week so that should diminish his value a bit. I’d take a look at the tight end rosters in your league to see who would naturally want him on their roster, then look at their FAAB. If I knew he was an every week starter (he is), I’d probably pay up to 20%.

Also, you might look at your last few weeks FAAB decisions in your league to get an idea of who is active and who isn’t, and how much they are willing to pay for some players. It should give you a better idea of what to bid.

But yeah, I’d go for it!