Need help on a trade! Accept or Reject?

Guy in my league is offering Hopkins/K. Murray for my Lockett/Chubb. I’ve been streaming QBs past few weeks, and keep having bud luck on them. Do I go with the trade? Would leave me thin at RB but we only start one. Could pick up someone. Here’s my team as is.

QB: Minshew, Stafford
RB: CMC, Bell, Chubb
WR: Lockett, Golladay, Kirk, M. Williams, DJax, A. Tate

PPR, 1Rb, 2WR, 2Flex

hmm, I dont know i might accept that one. Hopkins is down but he could easily turn it around with Watson at any moment. Also, Murray has the ability to run so if you only run one RB I would do it.

help with mine plz

Thanks for input, and responded to yours!