Need help on big trade

I’m being offered deshaun Watson and Hopkins for Kelce and Kupp.
Half ppr do I make this trade with Waller on my bench or are my receivers too strong as is to justify giving up Kelce. Hopkins owner is desperate for Te offered me trade.

I wouldn’t do that. I’d make him pay for Kelce for Hopkins alone. You’re set pretty much everywhere. Kupp is getting all the targets that isn’t going to Gurley it seems like. If he wants Kelce ask for Hopkins or try and get something else for Waller, but even then I’d try to sit and maybe upgrade Mixon but even then he should be good later on.

Like your team is fantastic already lol

That’s the dilemma my team is solid but I would be getting Hopkins to start along with Adams and Watson at Qb and I would still have Waller to start every week who’s getting peppered with targets

Idk man. Try Waller and Kupp for Hopkins

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I’ll give it a try

If that doesn’t work out I wouldn’t fault you for taking that original trade. I guess Watson has more upside than Ryan but there injury risk. Hopkins and Adams sounds nice too though. Haha idk after thinking about it wouldn’t hurt you really cus you have Godwin and Waller as fillers. I personally am just a Kupp fan. He doesn’t seem like much but before his injury last season he was a monster. And two weeks ago he would have had a better game if he didn’t get tackled at the one yard line. It would have been another 60+ yard TD on the season.

Yep tough call I would also have Sammy Watkins as a flex option with Godwin and i would still have Matt Ryan in case of injury. Not a move I need to make but Waller’s target share is insane and my receivers would be insane

It’s really just a question of is Kelce worth giving up to play Waller all year and Hopkins over Kupp and Watson over Ryan l. Also a stack factor that makes it fun with Hopkins and Watson haha