Need help on who to keep in 10 man keeper league

I have 5 choices on who I want to consider keeping…

  1. Chris Carson in 10th round
  2. Tyler Lockett in 11th round
  3. DJ Moore in 11th round
  4. Devonta Freeman in 4th round
  5. Philip Lindsay in 4th round

Trades throughout the season apparently count where they were originally drafted (Lockett and Carson) OR from waiver wire which is automatically a 4th round pick…
Value vs upside? I’d love feedback! Thanks!

I’d go Carson in the 10th regardless of scoring format.

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If you can only pick one, carson is obvious choice. would also keep lockett if u can keep multiple

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Yeah, keep Carson at the 10th.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone! I"m definitely thinking Carson is the way to go…its been unanimous on all 3 platforms i’ve asked this to. everyone always says Carson…Good luck to all my fellow fantasy GM’s