Need help on who to keep

I might be over thinking this. But I’m in a 12 man ppr keeper. The rule is you lose the pick from what ever round you drafted the guy in. I pick 10th. Do I keep Odell(1st round), Rivers(10th), or Edelman(17th, I drafted him and put him on ir knowing i only give up a 17th).


Don’t do anything but that… LoL

I would also do Edelman for a 17th if you can do 2, moves. That was a good stash.

Edelman in the 17th for me. 10th overall is roughly where I have OBJ going anyway, so the only value you’re really getting there is the bump he gets from 1st round players being kept in later rounds. I’ve been getting Rivers as late as the 12th in mock drafts, so I don’t see much value there either.