Need help picking a keeper

10 team 20 keeper league, .5 ppr

Current Tight Ends are Darren Waller, Jonnu Smith, Cole Kmet, Irv Smith, and Zach Ertz… and one keeper space left for either Kmet or Ertz…

Which would you prefer to keep?

If it matters I have the first pick in both the first and second rounds, but I most likely will try to take a QB with one of them as I currently only have Mayfield and Daniel Jones.

Any help is appreciated!

I’ll take Kmet simply Because his role really ought to expand as season goes on and Jimmy Graham creeps closer to the nursing home.

Ertz I think finds his way to bills one way or another and he’ll be effective enough. But I really wouldn’t be surprised if his days of top 10 are behind him. At 31 I’ll go this is his last or second to last year of being in TE1 conversation.

Kmet obviously might never reach that ceiling but I think given the circumstances of ertz I’d really rather look to the new hotness rather than old busted.