Need Help picking a WR and Flex...#FootClanChampionship

I need some advice on who I should start this week.

Anderson, M Williams, Pettis, Spencer Ware, Sony Michel

I’m open for suggestions but as it stands I have Anderson in at WR and Ware at Flex (if he isn’t 100% I might go with Williams)

Thanks Everyone!

any thoughts?

I think your current plan is solid, but be on the lookout if Allen somehow plays. That will cut into Williams hard.

what is your confidence in Michel vs Bills? As of late the Pats back field is a toss up for mediocrity.

I’m confident in Michel - regardless of how muddied the backfield has gotten, Michel seems to be consistent with his usage. There are definitely better matchups, but if you’re in a pinch, Michel is flex worthy. I have James White, and it’s been painful to watch him be used so little. He was the hardest impacted by Burkhead and the usage of Develin.

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Injuries are definetely going to play a big part here.

Pettis is your WR2 if Keenan Allen plays. If he sits, play williams.

Ware is your flex if he plays. If he sits play Pettis.

If ware and Keenan are both out play your WR. I think they both have more upside than sony this week

so you’d keep Anderson where he is at in the WR2 spot or you’d rather play Williams or Pettis there?

Williams or Pettis in WR2. I do like that anderson could have some upside in what could become a pass heavy game for the jets down the stretch, but Pettis has a great floor for targets and points, he has been the hot hand WR for SF the last month, and that floor is what you want in fantasy playoffs.

I had contemplated picking him up with my final waiver claim to play over Golladay, but went for Mcguire instead since Adams was my current flex, and i dont trust phillys offense at all for fantasy finals.

Be careful with the Williams/Ware game being late on Sunday. You’ll have to make an informed decision.

I am hoping to pick him up since someone in my league dropped him, but I am low on FAAB so it will be complete luck if I snag him. That part stinks, and hope we know Sunday morning.