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Need help please last place


Hey guys i drafted my team with 11 pick full ppr im now sitting 0-2 in last place with 12 teams. Ijust need to know if i should be worried yet. Team is Qb russel wilson wr1 mike evans wr2 terrelle pryor rb 1 melvin gordon rb2 dalvin cook te hunter henry and flex is theo riddik on bench i have derek henry martavious bryant marquese lee and chris carson. Any thoughts on linup is appreciated. Also tyler eifert but hes out. Also thpughts on flex start this week thanks guys in advance :grinning:


I would try and trade Henry off to the Murray owner for a solid WR Maybe


Make moves. Package guys to try to get a stud. Or try to steal a guy like Crowell. Someone who had bad matchups the first two weeks and hasn’t produced. Shake that team up. Upgrade anywhere you can. You have a bunch of decent guys, but you can stream to get that value. Deal for a stud and try to scoop up underperformers.

Only guy I wouldn’t be trying to deal is Evans. The rest I would be throwing trades around with.


The crap thing is iv tried so many trades and either no respond for days and igive up or decline cause they dont tradei think i need a new leauge


I would Flex Henry this week, but I think I’d give it time. A lot of your roster has under-performed, but some of them are slow starters anyway. See how they develop over the next few weeks. I think your guys are really solid, but it also depends on how the other teams look. If they won’t trade, just be sure to watch waivers and make good pickups as you go. But be patient, the season is young.


Yeah. No worries man. It’ll get better. You’re league isn’t very active with trades, just make sure you’re aggressive on the waiver wire if you need somebody. But you’ll be fine, still early.