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Need Help Please!


I just took over a team. This is my first Keeper league so I need some help deciding who I should keep.

PPR and 6 Keepers. 8 team league

1 QB 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE,

My players are:

Rivers and Stafford

RB: Hyde, Gore, Lacy, D. Murray, J. White

WR: Hopkins, D. Adams, J. Crowder, M. Wallace

TE: D. Walker , M.Bennett

Right now the Keepers selected are Adams, Hopkins, Crowder, D. Murray, Hyde and Bennett.

What do you think ? Would you change anything and why?



In an 8 team league, the teams will be stacked. I would keep Walker instead of Bennett. He is a little older, but he owns a share of the targets in TEN. GB doesn’t usually use the TE that much. The Gronk injury lead to Bennett having a solid year in NE, but I don’t see a repeat in GB.


I’m confused. Is:

1 QB 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE

your starting roster or your required keeper positions or something else? If not what are the roster requirements of your league, because that will have a huge impact on my answer.

Regarding the above comment, I disagree. If you don’t need to keep a te I wouldn’t keep one, these are both late rounds guys especially in a 8 team league, you’ll probably end up finding a better option on waivers. But if you need to keep one i would keep Bennett. I’m not super high on either, to be clear, but:

Bennett: gb hasn’t thrown to the te because they haven’t had a decent te in ages. Bennett is a very talented player, and has certainly had success in past, not just in New England. Aaron Rodgers throws a lot and scores a lot of tds. There’s a very large pie to have a piece of.

Walker: already on the downswing last year, Walker plays on a run first team. He has been a big part of the offence in the past, but that has been when there have been no legitimate passing options in recent years. Rishard Matthews appeared last year, and you saw a corresponding dip in Walker’s production. Now Walker is another year older, and has Decker and Corey Davis to contend with, both of which are more dynamic playmakers than Walker. Don’t expect much from Walker, who will have a working piece of a small pie.


That is my starting roster.


Whoa. So you are telling me you are in an eight team league, and you guys only start one rb and 2 wrs, and you get 6 keepers? My first piece of advice is to find a better league, those rules are pretty ridiculous.

If I had to choose I think I’d take Lacy over Bennett, although his value is certainly reduced in your format. In an 8 man league you should be able to find a better option at tight end. But really you aren’t getting great value either way. Your choices aren’t all that great to be honest…