Need Help setting my rb line up!

Standard 12-team league
My RB1 and WR1 and WR2 are good to go, i need to choose an RB2 and a Flex:

Crowell(vs mia), M. Lynch(@ den), Alf Morris(vs det), wilkins(@was) and ekeler(@buf)

For RB2 right now i have lynch, but i really wanna bench him for crowell or alf

For flex: the options are these rbs or Golden Tate, Emmanuel Sanders or Ted Ginn

What would you do?
Im thinking: rb2 crowell, flex: golden tate, but i really dont know if is the right choice

I can see your conundrum here. Sanders in your flex over Tate is a no brainer for me personally.
It’s between Crow or Alf for me. I would definitively take the shot with Alf in your RB2. He runs heavy like Crowell, and DET seemingly has no desire to play for Patricia right now. Crow will be a focal point for MIA after his game last week. It is hard to choose as both of those guys have identical 3rd down backs vulturing touches. Again, I see the dilemma.
Lynch could struggle in DEN so he’s out for me.

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