Need Help Setting Up A Dynasty!

This is the first year me and my fiends play dynasty. WE dont know when we should draft should we wait till after the NFL draft. Any tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated!

There are a couple options for that which all depend on how much draft time you want to spend.

  1. Typically what I have seen for startups is one overall draft after the NFL draft. This will include rookies and veterans. This is a good option because everyone is new and a dynasty draft is going to be vastly different than a redraft. Or at least it should be. You have to remember that not only are you trying to win this season, you are also looking for longevity with your players.

  2. You can host an initial draft prior to the NFL Draft where you pick veterans only. This will start your rosters off with the players that we are all familiar with. Then you set a second date post the NFL Draft to pick up rookies. This will be a smaller draft but a lot more in depth to ensure you pick up as good of value as possible.

I recommend option 1. Worked well for me in my first dynasty. Then you only have one draft to mess with in the inaugural season and next season you will only do a rookie draft.

There is a great article about Dynasty leagues on the main site.

Hope this helps! Good luck and have a pleasant tomorrow!

I have been in a few start ups dynasty drafts and the best format I find is to hold a veteran start up draft now for Vets but include rookie picks so people can place their value on those picks compared to Vets. Then after the NFL draft , maybe a couple weeks hold your rookie draft. This allows for a period of time for you to know the rookies and trade for those picks they were drafted.