Need help setting up a trade(Gurley or OBJ)

.5 ppr, i have a friend messaging me because he wants to talk trade. I was told by 2 other mates that he also messaged them but they ended up not agreeing with any trade offer. So, knowing that, i was thinking i could try getting the best deal possible out of him.
My team right now:
QB - Jackson, Allen
RB - dalvin cook, carson, lindsay, singletary, burkhead and mostert(dropping him for justin jackson maybe i’ll play him this week),
WR - hopkins, john brown, E. sanders, DJax
TE - waller

His team is not very good:
QB - rivers, stafford
RB - gurley, jacobs, montgomery
WR - OBJ, TY Hilton, sutton, kirk, DJ Chark, Ridley
TE - Andrews and Cook

What trade would you consider doing in this scenario?

I was considering going for Gurley here… Maybe trade Carson and burkhead for gurley? Or giving Singletary/burkhead + john brown or sanders for obj and kirk or chark…

Please give me some input on this one

I will post here everytime there’s news about this possible trade.
He started me with a bullshit offer:
I give - dalvin cook
I get - gurley, ridley
I give - dalvin cook + burkhead or djax
I get - gurley, ty hilton and ridley

I dont want to accept any of these trades. Any ideas on counter offers i could send?

he clearly wants Dalvin… give him Dalvin…

Gurley/OBJ for Dalvin

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He ended up trading with another league mate. As it turns out, he was talking trades with 6 guys ate the same time lol