Need help setting up line up..sorta

Hey everyone kinda need help setting up line up just dunno who to start or sit for my WRs and Flex spot. I’m 3-4 and kinda need this win. It’s half PPR

WRs currently starting are
WR: Baldwin
WR: John Brown
WR: Boyd
Flex: Kerryon

However I have Tate and I’m not sure who to swap out and kinda worried about playing him. My other RBs are DJ and CMC

If you were to put Tate in for anyone, I think I might go with Baldwin. But otherwise, the lineup you have now isn’t bad either.

You have a good line up but if you really wanted to drop someone I would go with brown as I think he will have a quiet week

I don’t have much faith in Baldwin. I would bring in Tate over Baldwin, but that’s just preference. I think the potential between both is fairly even.

thanks guys! the only thing stopping me putting tate over baldwin or even john brown is that golliday is playing decent and emergence of kerryon.