Need Help Starting a Dynasty League

I’m the commissioner of my home league and I have convinced to add a Dynasty League next year. My friends and I have never played in a Dynasty League before, so I was hoping for some help with the setup. How many roster spots, terminology to know ( taxi squad? ), how many IR spots, when should we have the initial draft, etc. Any and all help will be appreciated thank you!

Those are some pretty broad questions.

Here are some resources:

I took over for the commissioner in my 16 team dynasty league. So the setup was done for me. However, there are a few key things I would focus on first.

  1. Scoring and Roster
    Determine what you want the scoring setting and roster to be. TE Premium, Points for first down, Superflex, 2QB?

  2. League Bylaws
    Write the league Bylaws. This determines how everything else will operate.
    Here are two examples (scoll down to see “Additional League Rules Setup”):

  3. Host site
    Based on what your decision for scoring settings, roster and bylaws - this will dictate whice site you will want to use to host the league. If you build a simple league, then maybe ESPN with an offsite Google doc will work. If your looking for lost of options, MFL might make more sense. Note that MFL has a cost of $70 per year to run. I would include this in league fees to pay for the league each year.

If you are going to collect league fees, LeagueSafe is a great option.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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Thats some good advise. What i did when i started my leagues in 2009 was i went to mfl and searched leagues that had dynasty in their names.

I then reviewed all their bylaws to give me an idea of what i should have in my league. Keep in mind i already had ideas of how i wanted to set up my leauge but reviewing the other leagues gave me new ideas.

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Thanks guys for all the help!!

I created a google doc for the two dynasty leagues I just started. It took a while to explain Dynasty to the league members, but with google doc and everybody able to follow my updates real time it was easy. We did our startup draft using Zoom which is similar to Skype or any group meeting platform… So there was face to face interaction since half the league is in Florida and the other half in Washington and California.

In the East West league we will be having a Keeper type mode at the end of season 4… just to freshen up the league and not let somebody dominate with the same guys. Initially I was going to have each league owner vote 3 guys on each team who have been with that team for 4yrs and then you could only protect one of the 3 consensus guys, but now I think I might just say we go Keeper mode… don’t know… haven’t fully sorted that out but it is something to consider to ensure people stay interested. It would obviously create a trading bonanza in year 4 as guys would look to gain value from people they’d fear getting elected in the Tenure Draft… but then inevitably some owner will work the system and ensure he doesn’t lose any players.

That brings me to a key point of being a commissioner… Your job is to keep the league fun and as fair as possible. Proposing things to league vote always ensures you’re taking yourself out of the mix. But there will be times where you just have to make a ruling and not everybody will like it. Remember you can’t please everybody but you certainly don’t want to anger anybody to the brim of quitting either.

We use yahoo in all 3 leagues. Most dynasty guys will tell you check out MFL and tell you the interface can be tricky. As a commissioner I’m willing to do more work and I’m fairly decent at excel so google docs works for me for now. Avoids the $70 MFL fee too. Citing most of us want to watch our app for the games, MFL has a third party app from discussions I’ve seen but I haven’t gone there to truly look at it all. I have enough down time I will just keep google docs updated as in season transactions occur on Yahoo, and all transactions in offseason go thru me. If you don’t have enough time to oversee it all, that might be why people say MFL… but I don’t know how trading works on that platform so I can’t speak specifically to it.

As for rosters and team size. I have a 12 team league where we roll with 20 on the roster, 6 taxi (players must be 3yrs in the league or LESS) and the taxi players have to stay up on the big leaue rosters once they’re activated, however in the next offseason you can re assign a player back to your taxi if they are still 3yrs or less. I did this to encourage people drafting and developing but also not be hurt in season because they want to hang onto their devy players too. Also 3 IR spots… the rule there is they must actually be on the NFLs IR

My 10 team league we went with 25 man rosters, 5 taxi, 3 IR. In general I like to have trade activity as well as the ability to pickup some flyers on the waiver wire. We will see how these pan out. Other dynasties go 25-35 man rosters or even greater and try to be true to real NFL where theres hardly any waivers. I imagine it’s more like real life, however I could see conflicts arise when somebody refuses to trade their RB8 just because.

Both of my leagues utilize the super flex. The 12 team has Kicker. the 10 team has a RB/WR on top of the super flex but as a substitute for Kicker because there’s some school of thought that Kickers are too random and pointless in fantasy football. While other traditionalists say it should be in there.

I could keep going. But I wish you all the best. Have fun with it and try to keep everybody happy and active. Nothing worse than having to recruit new owners if somebody decides Dynasty isn’t for them. Oh, on that note, make sure you emphasize how important activity in Dynasty is… it isn’t casual like re drafts… People take their off seasons seriously so if you have some people who are leaning towards casual side… cut losses early or truly question their commitment.

For reference heres google doc for my EW league.

So for someone that doesn’t use MFL, can you comment how off-season (or in-season) trades work? Or off season FAAB?

For trading, In MFL, you create an offer and click send. As a franchise trying to sell a player I could have multiple offers to select from and approve. Once I’ve accepted the trade it’s live and completed.

Without a governing system, I’m curious how you practically implement/administrate this part of the league?


@fun4willis I’m assuming the question was directed at me. In one of my lengthy paragraphs I stated all trades and transactions go through me in the offseason… the MFL system seems nice in that regard as it takes the commissioner extra activities out of things.

But to elaborate, our rules are…

  1. discuss trades via phone call or text
  2. come to an agreement
  3. submit to me
  4. both owners have to confirm directly to me that that deal is in fact what they want

I have a fairly good relationship with most owners and I get a sense of when activity is going on. A lot of times guys will pass offers by me asking if they should throw anything in or take it as is, etc… But I try not to meddle too much. Some are new and not as researched so if its a solid redraft move but might shaft their dynasty I kind of warn them on that. So far everything has ran smoothly. We’ve had to clarify which pick team placings for future picks though… and some guys initially didn’t grasp that they have to consider things like that in a trade. A 2020 first rounder from a roster that might win the championship in 2019 is going to be a 1.10 not likely a 1.1 …

It’s also important to make it clear to each owner I always do what I believe is right for the league and what’s fair. I suppose some commissioners might have character issues, but the consensus in the leagues I run is they know I try to look out for everybody. The funniest thing is they also hesitate to trade with me sometimes, in the long running redraft league a few guys always say there’s a long game involved in my trades and they hate trading with me (I always try to get throw in players people don’t think about or care about but might fill a weakness on another roster so I try to flip them to that guy once I obtain them) but I point out too many things on how trades are fair or benefit a team for them to not go through with some lol.

I also never intend to fleece somebody, especially in Dynasty, I know at some point I’ll always need trade partners to truly improve so the last thing you want to do is be that guy nobody wants to trade with. In the new league there’s already a few guys some of us hate trying to offer to. They’ll complain their team stinks but when it’s time to trade with them you offer them “no value” vs their value.

To answer your governing system, I guess it’s really just the Submit to me, and if both confirm, it’s a trade. Once the trade is confirmed, I announce it to the league in our Facebook chats and our Facebook pages and I update the google sheets. Again, a lot of work on the commissioner but I like this stuff.

In season, Yahoo trading is fine. Guys will chat and submit there. But in my redraft league I still have it clicked for commissioner approval… I’ve yet to refuse a trade but it keeps me aware of all possible transactions. Which will also be important for keeping the google docs updated in season as well.