Need help to determine collusion

So I am the commish and these 2 guys we’re going to commit a unfair trade so I told them what would happen if they did. One of them sent a trade to someone else and me and my co commish is having a hard time deciding if this is bad. One guy needs a te and good qb and has good wr depth so I can’t decide if this is bad. Please help me

The AB recipient is a great team or what? That’s the only issue I see if it’s the case. It’s not really like egregious even so

Its a horrible trade for the guy giving up AB. Like terribly lopsided, but I don’t think you can really call collusion, especially if he has a positional need at TE. I never veto trades as a commish unless clear collusion. This isn’t it.

May be not collusion, but worst trade ever? Yes.

Yeah. I mean we’ve all seen legit collusion and this isn’t really comparable to anything I’d call
Someone a cheater over. I’d prob call on the commish to veto it though. Assuming AB is going to a great team and not to an irrelevant team

The record of the team AB’s going to shouldn’t matter.

Yeah, that’s a horrible trade. That’s really going to upset other people in the league. If I was a third party in that league, I probably wouldn’t play next year, because it sucks to play with people who would make that deal

Idk. I wouldn’t care if an 0-7 team got AB as long as they weren’t doing so to take down someone in particular. Commish here should look at that. Does this hurt a future contender specifically? I bet it does

Why should the 7-0 team get punished for being 7-0? Not fair that the rules would treat that team differently. I understand what you’re saying, but rules apply equally to everyone. When that stops being the case, it’s an abuse of commissioner power

The guy getting ab is 2-4

I mean in a court of law of course I agree completely. I was assessing more casually which admittedly isn’t a good way to commission a league so it’s good I’m not the commish of mine lol. I really just meant if nobody is punished or negatively impacted at all then it’s less of an issue as stupid as the trade is. It sounds like something is off here though and I would look into it further

Knowing the recipient is not out of contention now, that is.

Doesn’t matter to me, but makes sense. Someone with a good record is shrewd enough not to make that trade

That def is not my experience re: shrewdness and record correlation haha but depends on circumstances 100%. As i said though inagree with you and think something is off